EACLALS Trinniel Conference, “Under Construction: Gateways and Walls, Bogazici Univesity (Istanbul, April 26 -30, 2011) paper, “‘The city has no center other than ourselves”: Mapping and Remapping the Hidden Symmetries of Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul: Memories and the City”

Plenary Session for Modern Language Association 2010 ADFL Seminar East (University of Rochester, June 4, 2010) “Taking Risks, Courting Wildness: Creating the Award-Winning Caroline Werner Gannett Project’s ‘Visionaries in Motion'”

Organized panel (four faculty, RIT and U Kentucky) and delivered paper, “Moving Out/There: Strategies for Re-Imagining Academic Spaces for international interdisciplinary conference, “Defining Space, “University College, Dublin (October 11-13, 2007) See

Poetry Reading (September 13, 2007 @ 7:00 p.m.) Barnes and Noble, Pittsford. Sponsored by Rochester’s Just Poets

“Biting Off Too Much Sky?” for conference, Not Drowning but Waving: Women, Feminism and the Liberal Arts”, University of Alberta, Canada, October 12-14, 2006

“Beyond ‘verbal privilege’: Negotiating the Transformative Politics in Adrienne Rich’s Poetry,” for Poetry and Politics Conference, University Stirling, Scotland (July 13-16, 2006); also read five poems in Special Poetry Session (working poets); Chair of Special Session on poetry. (see

“Evolving Cartographies: Moving Beyond Literary and Textualized Spaces;” presentation for RIT panel, “Cultural Uses of the New Cartographies: Interdisciplinary Negotiations;” organizer and panelist for “Close Encounters: ScienceLiteratureArts,” The 4th European Biannual Conference of the Society for Science, Literature, and the Arts (Amsterdam, the Netherlands, June 13-16, 2006)

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“Word Made Fresh: Djuna Barnes Among the Ladies of the Press”; paper and panel (“In the Name of the Fa[r]ther: Body, Text and Pre-text in Women’s Discourse, 1900-1930”) for Third International Interdisciplinary Congress on Woman (Trinity College, University of Dublin, July 6-10, 1987)

“My Art Belongs to Daddy: Incest as Exile; the Textual Economics of the Women of Hayford Hall” (Djuna Barnes, Emily Coleman and Antonia White) for English Literature Section, “Women Writers in Exile I: Communities of Exile,” (Modern Language Association, New York, December 27-30, 1986)

“Peanuts are harder to find than scotch’: Desire, Passion and the Woman Reader of Mavis Gallant,” for International Conference on Canadian Literature and Film (California State University, Los Angeles, November 14-16, 1986); and the Popular Culture Association (Montreal, March 25-27, 1987)

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