Movers and Shapers:  Women, Salons, and Cultural Modernism (tentative title)

Sweeping up the Heart (creative non-fiction)

Black Walking: Selected Letters of Djuna Barnes to Emily Holmes Coleman (1934-38) English language edition, enlarged and in preparation

Chapbook of Poems (in preparation;  tentative title, With Edges Slightly Foxed)


Mary Lynn Broe describes her poetry in “Introit”:

“Descended from Judy Grahn’s word-wyf
Mixed and stirred with Yeats’ Crazy Jane,
I write heartbreak torch songs, full of
Unabashed yearning. Also
Celtic rants,
Hard-palate swipes at academics’
Primp and pomp.
Brutal  insouciance for graying boomers,
my poems stuff Kong toys with
lowdown elegiac strains,
Alix Olsen’s armpit hair,
a few belts of Nina Simone, and
Moral Attention.
No one hearing my poetry
Would ever mistake
For metric calisthenics.”